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Chris Rock Perfectly Summed Up How A Lot Of People Are Feeling About The Election

"Oddly, I don’t feel like celebrating."

So this has been quite the week, huh?

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As Joe Biden pulls ahead in key states — like Georgia and Pennsylvania — it's looking as if a Biden presidency is pretty darn likely.

Joe Biden at a campaign event
Sean Rayford / Getty Images

One person who perfectly encapsulated how many people are feeling RN is none other than Chris Rock.

Chris Rock posing at an event
Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

Posting on Instagram, Chris wrote, "Oddly I don’t feel like celebrating. I feel like Tom Hanks towards the end of [Cast Away]."

"I’m really happy the ship came but I don't want to party. I just want to take a shower cut my hair eat a shrimp find Helen Hunt deliver my last package and figure out the rest of my life."

I mean, sure, yeah, I feel this:

Tom Hanks as Chuck in 'Cast Away' exhausted and struggling to reach out
20th Century Fox

And, by the looks of it, so do many others:

Actress Zoe Kravitz said 'THIS IS VERY ACCURATE'
Chris Rock / Via
Lenny Kravitz tweeted 'There it is'
Chris Rock / Via
Actress Indya Moore tweeted 'same Chris'
Chris Rock / Via
Actress Penelope Cruz tweeted four laughing with tears emojis
Chris Rock / Via

We'll keep you posted as the results continue to come in!

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