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    I Just Really Need People To See These '90s Throwback Photos Of Chris Evans And Kate Bosworth

    For real, this casting.

    When you think of Chris Evans, you probably think of this...

    Chris Evans in a blue suit at the Avengers Endgame premiere
    Amy Sussman / Getty Images

    ...Or this...

    Chris Evans as Captain America
    Paramount / Courtesy Everett Collection

    ...Or maybe even this.

    However, Chris has been in the entertainment game for a long time — as Kate Bosworth's recent Instagram throwback reminds us.

    Kate Bosworth at the Vanity Fair Oscar Afterparty
    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    Kate shared a series of pics with the caption, "Hey Capt. America, a little help pls?? 🇺🇸 (asking for a 15 yr old from the late 90’s ...)."

    Using my stellar math skills, this means that Chris would have been around 17.

    A throwback photo of Kate Bosworth and Chris Evans from the '90s
    Kate Bosworth / Via


    Kate and Chris on set in the throwback photo
    Kate Bosworth / Via

    The photos are from the set of the movie The Newcomers, which I haven't seen, but based on the trailer appears to be one of the most '90s things in existence.

    Chris in The Newcomers

    Yes, yes, it technically came out in 2000, but come on.

    Side note: Josh Peck (from Drake & Josh) and Paul Dano were also in this movie?!

    Paul Dano and Josh Peck in The Newcomers

    Anyway, off to pretend that I, too, am in the late '90s.

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