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We Asked Celebs At The VMAs To Reveal The Most Expensive Thing They Were Wearing

$100,000 nails!!! SERIOUSLY.

Hey! We're Tasha and Ryan, and we went to the VMAs this year, where we asked any celeb who would talk to us to share fun facts about their outfit — and also the most expensive thing they were wearing.

Here's what they said:

1. Musician Blackbear DM'd the creative director of Givenchy a week ago asking to be dressed for the VMAs — only to be told that he needed eight weeks. He was sent a big ol' box of Givenchy in return.

When asked what the most expensive item he wore was, Blackbear did not disappoint. "This is probably a $160,000 diamond ball chain," he replied.

As for his nails, they're "$100,000 at least" of real diamonds.

A closeup of his nails

2. SNL star Chloe Fineman's dress was a cornucopia of snacks, including lentils, gumballs, and detachable pockets filled with treats. Her nails had little carrots that were "dancing to the music of the carpet."

As for her most expensive item, Chloe pointed to her earrings and said, "I saw Gwyneth Paltrow wear these yesterday on an Instagram story, and ya gal ran to the store yesterday and bought it."

3. Singer Olivia O'Brien was invited at the last minute and had three days to prepare. "I basically had three options, and this was one of them!" The top of her dress and her necklace are taped down, as they kept moving.

As for the most expensive thing — her jewelry.

4. RuPaul's Drag Race icon Bob the Drag Queen made his dress the day of the show. The experience brought back workroom flashbacks: "I went and bought a bunch of shirts. I didn't know I was coming to this until yesterday! So I had to go shopping today. I'm not at home, so I had to go to the mall in New Jersey, buy a bunch of shirts, and we made this garment."

"Nothing is expensive," she added when asked about the most expensive item. "My teeth? I got my teeth fixed!"

5. Catfish cohost Camie Crawford told us about her Hanifa dress, saying, "It's very hot. Literally and also, I am hot — I am sweating."

She had "no idea" how much the runway look cost, but pointed to the Cartier bracelet that she bought herself for her 29th birthday. "She's pretty pricey," she added.

6. Musician Betty Who's look came from some villainous origins: "I told the designer that I was trying to give James Bond/Slytherin energy, and this is what he made for me," she told BuzzFeed. Her nails also featured a tiny moonperson.

The "diamonds" on her fingers come in at most pricey.

7. Wild 'N Out's Justina Valentine opted for a boutique look to avoid any "Who wore it better" stories. It was practical too: "I have a hole down here if I have to pee or make a drop off."

8. RuPaul's Drag Race Season 14 contestant Kerri Colby said of her Mugler look, "It might look nice, it might look simple, it might look like athleisure. It took me a good 29 minutes to get into. I will say, the more I sweat from the nerves of being here for my first time, it gets a little more tailored."

As for most expensive item, her necklace took the top spot. "I worked hard," she added. "I wanted something to shine. A little bling that you can bite down on."

9. It took "Fingers Crossed" singer Lauren Spencer-Smith 20 minutes to figure out how to loop her belt, which included an attempt in vain to film herself and send it to her stylist. In the end, her mom came to the rescue, and she added, "My mom had to do it. It was a lot."

Her most expensive items were her Bottega earrings — which are glass, meaning "If they drop, they're breaking, and I'm going to have to pay for it."

There you have it! Let us know your fave look in the comments below!