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    Cardi B Joked That She Can't "Be Sexy In Peace" After Her Daughter, Kulture, Interrupted One Of Her Videos

    "I can’t even be sexy in peace."

    If you follow Cardi B on social media, then you probably know she's a big fan of the sexy 'gram.

    Well, today we got a hilariously honest look at the BTS of these posts — featuring a cameo from her daughter, Kulture.

    The video starts with...a close-up.

    She posed!

    Cardi B / Via

    She worked it!

    Cardi B / Via

    Sexy 'gram achieved!

    Cardi B / Via

    Well, at least until we hear a small voice say "Mommy" off camera.

    Cardi B / Via

    "Yes," Cardi replies, quickly turning off the camera after Kulture makes a cameo.

    Cardi B / Via


    Cardi B / Via

    In the words of Cardi's caption: "I can’t even be sexy In peace."

    @vmas / Via

    Well, if Cardi's Instagram story is anything to go by, she at least got one cute video that day!

    Cardi B / Via Instagram: @iamcardib

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