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    Camila Cabello Wore A *Lot* Of Tulle At The Amazon Prime "Cinderella" Miami Premiere Last Night, And It's Quite Something

    A modern take on a princess outfit...I see what they did there...

    Good morning! As we wake up to yet another day of this unrelenting apocalypse, there is some other news: The Amazon Prime Cinderella movie had its premiere in Miami last night.

    Poster image for the Amazon Original Movie Cinderella "Sep 3," showing Camila, hand on hip, in a strapless gown and dangling one shoe off her finger
    Amazon Studios / Courtesy Everett Collection

    This retelling of the classic fairy tale stars Camila Cabello as Ella, an aspiring fashion designer. Oh, and it's a jukebox musical. Oh, and I have not been able to stop thinking about this clip with Camila and Billy Porter since the first moment it flitted past my eyeballs.

    Fab G always gets the assignment✔️✨ #CinderellaMovie is coming to @primevideo September 3.

    Amazon Prime / Via Twitter: @Cinderella

    Anyway, Miami! The talk of the ball, in my humble opinion, was none other than the outfit of Camila herself.

    Camila, hand on hip and holding a small disco ball clutch in the other, wearing a long, wide tulle skirt
    Jason Koerner / Getty Images

    Behold! That's a lot of tulle.

    Camila in the tulle floor-length skirt standing with her hands out to the sides
    Jason Koerner / Getty Images

    The skirt is from Christian Siriano’s Spring 2021 collection, in case you were wondering. On the runway, it was styled with a red-and-white gingham bra top. 

    Now, I will say that I am a big fan of Camila's hair and makeup here. The shorter hair* is a vibe!

    Camila with hands folded and looking to the side at the camera with dramatic eye makeup
    Jason Koerner / Getty Images

    *Since the LA premiere a few days ago. 

    I'm also a big fan of this disco ball purse! I like balls.

    Camila holding the disco ball purse in front of her
    Jason Koerner / Getty Images

    I can't tell if it's the exact same bag, but it looks rather similar to the Judith Leiber bag Camila wore to the Grammys in 2018.

    Camila holding a disco ball bag in one hand and looking to the side
    Christopher Polk / Getty Images for NARAS

    Oh, and Shawn Mendes was there...isn't that nice?

    Shawn has one hand in his pant pocket and the other around Camila's waist
    Jason Koerner / Getty Images

    He even wrote on Instagram about the whole shebang: "Congratulations my love, I’m so proud of you. I’ve never seen anybody work as hard as you did to show up everyday and be truly professional, kind and authentic. I admire you so much. Such a beautiful movie with a beautiful message."

    Shawn and Camila smiling and standing together on the red carpet
    Jason Koerner / Getty Images

    Prince Charming in a sheer shirt? Anyone? Anyone?

    Shawn and Camila hold hands and look at each other on the red carpet
    Jason Koerner / Getty Images

    There we have it, folks! Were you into this red carpet moment? LMK in the comments!

    Cinderella will be released Sept. 3.

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