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    15 Pictures That Will Only Make Sense To British Millennials

    The noughties were something else.

    As a Brit living in the US, I constantly reference things from my childhood that I are think are universal but...well, they don't always get the intended response.

    Paramount Pictures

    As such, please find a collection of entirely random things that may hold a lovely bit of nostalgia for you if you're a millennial Brit — but might not make much sense otherwise.

    1. Firstly, Calvin Harris rushing the X Factor stage with a pineapple on his head:

    I'mma let you finish, #Kanye but we had the best stage invader of all time @CalvinHarris

    Calvin Harris pre-America was something else.

    2. Signed school uniform shirts:

    Natasha Jokic / BuzzFeed

    To whomever said I would eventually see the light and like tea: You were correct.

    3. The Bebo logo:


    I had a Leon Jackson skin (remember him? No?) on my profile after he won The X Factor.

    4. The "What a sad little life, Jane" moment on Come Dine With Me:

    Channel 4


    5. S Club Juniors on Top of the Pops:


    Or S Club 8 in any context, really.

    6. This iconic duo singing "Mysterious Girl":



    7. The Woolworths closing down sale:

    Matt Cardy / Getty Images

    Okay, this one may be less of a millennial thing, but I was particularly excited to get my hands on The Bourne Ultimatum on DVD.

    8. This book, specifically with the words "full-frontal" in the title:

    Piccadilly Press

    Ace gang uniiiiiite.

    9. Pretty much anything from the inexplicable show Dick & Dom in da Bungalow:



    10. Leavers' hoodies: / Via

    Although yours probably doesn't say "19."

    11. School non-uniform days with very odd themes:

    Natasha Jokic / BuzzFeed

    See also: Convincing your mum that Disney princesses are eligible for World Book Day costumes.

    12. Pizza Express doughballs:

    Pizza Express / Via

    "Those look a little sad" —my American roommate

    13. Teens roaming the woods for the Duke of Edinburgh Award:

    Natasha Jokic / BuzzFeed

    My teachers telling me this would look good on my CV was a FUCKIN' LIE.

    14. Neil punching a fish on The Inbetweeners:

    Channel 4

    I went for one of the tamer Inbetweeners moments.

    15. Finally, Barry M Dazzle Dust:

    Jessica Rose / Via

    Did anyone ever finish one of these pots?

    Do you remember these things or nah? LMK in the comments!