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    We Spoke To Luke Newton About His Fave "Bridgerton" Easter Egg, And He Brought Up A Tiny Detail About The Bumblebee Motif

    Can you bee-lieve it?

    Note: Some mild Bridgerton spoilers ahead.

    If you've seen Bridgerton, then you might know that one of the things that fans were abuzz about was the use of the bumblebee motif.

    A closeup of a door knocker

    Not only is a bee present in the first shot of the Bridgerton home, but a bee flying away is one of the final shots of the entire season.

    A bee on a window sill

    The bee pops up in the books*, but within the scope of the TV show, creator Chris Van Dusen tweeted that it was an "important symbol" within the series:

    This bumblebee is a very important symbol & thematic element for us. Yes it’s cute but it’s also backstory, history, HIERARCHY. Queens & drones. (There’s an essay in here somewhere.) 🐝🐝🐝 #Bridgerton #LiveTweet

    Twitter: @chrisvandusen

    BOOK SPOILER: In the novels, Edmund Bridgerton dies from a bee sting, so there's a ton of symbolism there — particularly regarding Anthony Bridgerton's role in the family.

    Well, ahead of the show's Screen Actors Guild Award nomination for Best Ensemble Series, we spoke to Luke Newton — aka Colin Bridgerton — about Easter eggs in the show, and he mentioned that fateful bee.

    SAG Awards

    "On a personal level, in our costumes, there's so much attention to detail that you just wouldn't even realize," Luke told BuzzFeed.


    "The symbol of the Bridgerton family is the bumblebee, and there's tiny little bumblebees on our waistcoats that you wouldn't even notice."

    SAG Awards

    He added, "It's little hidden gems like that, which are quite nice little stories — and tell the family, 'Look out for this!' because no one else will notice that."

    As it turns out, some people have already noticed the bumblebee motif on the Bridgertons' clothing — namely on Benedict’s collar:

    An arrow pointing towards Benedict's bee brooch on his collar

    And Eloise's hair:

    An arrow pointing at the bee hair ornament in Eloise's hair

    Naturally, Luke's revelation sent me on a journey that led to the next slightly unhinged segment, which I will call, "Is This a Bee?"


    Take this fine waistcoat in Episode 6: Is that a bee????

    An arrow pointing at his waistcoat

    Or this shot of the Bridgerton bros: To bee or not???


    How about this waistcoat in the finale? BEE?!?!?!

    A slightly different colored waistcoast Benedict wears as he stands next to his horse

    Probably the same waistcoat as earlier on, but OH WELL.

    Regardless of whether or not my screencaps are correct, Luke added, "There's definitely a lot more going on than you would first see when you watch it for the first time. So basically I'm saying, watch it again and again and again."

    SAG Awards

    Don't worry, Luke, I will!

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