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    The Director Of "Bridesmaids" Just Spoke About What Was Originally Planned Instead Of The Plane Scene, And Oh My, I'm Blushing

    It's plane to see that the final version is fly.

    I don't know about you, but the whole plane sequence in Bridesmaids has to be my favorite in the whole movie.


    Not that anyone asked, but I am also very ready to party.

    Well, in a new interview with Glamour, director Paul Feig gave a bunch of behind-the-scenes facts about the scene — and it's pretty interesting.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    As you might know already, the plane scene almost didn't happen — the bachelorette party was supposed to actually take place in Vegas, but there were concerns that it would be too similar to The Hangover.


    According to Paul, the Annie/Helen tension was originally supposed to manifest through Helen hugely overspending in Vegas — while Annie struggled to afford anything.


    "Help me, I'm poor!"

    Then, the scene was supposed to end in a strip club where Annie is "standing on stage and a stripper sweats into her mouth," which...oh my.


    Why can I picture this so vividly? Why??

    Shortly before shooting began, Paul suggested that the scene only take place on the plane instead — leaving Annie Mumolo, aka the movie's cowriter and the frightened woman who sits next to Annie, to write the new draft.


    FYI, cowriter Kristen Wiig was shooting SNL at the time, which is why Annie Mumolo tackled the scene solo.

    "When I got to the 'colonial woman on the wing,' I laughed so hard because I love anything that’s absurd, but it still makes perfect sense to somebody," Paul added, commenting on one of the most memorable quotes. "That’s just out of the genius mind of Annie Mumolo."


    And genius, it definitely is! You can read Paul's full interview with Glamour here.

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