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    The Director Of "Bridesmaids" Revealed What Was Originally Written Instead Of The Food Poisoning Scene, And It Involves Matt Damon

    Is that a euphemism, oooorrr...?

    Hey, remember the Bridesmaids food poisoning scene?

    Melissa McCarthy sitting on a bathroom sink

    It haunts me.

    Well, what if I told you that the food poisoning scene was almost a celeb-cameo moment instead? From none other than Matt Damon?

    Maya Rudolph running into the street in a wedding gown in search of a toilet

    Yup, director Paul Feig told Insider that the infamous moment was almost VERY different — originally, the dress shopping scene included a fantasy sequence involving…Matt Damon chopping wood?

    Noam Galai / WireImage

    This isn't some kind of slang: literally chopping wood.

    "Annie goes in the dressing room to try on this really expensive dress, and suddenly she has a fantasy of what her life could be in this dress," Paul told Insider. "It's this romance feel with her running through the woods, and Matt Damon is shirtless chopping wood."

    Paramount Pictures

    However, Paul and producer Judd Apatow thought the scene didn't suit the arc of the movie. "There needed to be a consequence to Annie's actions, and she needs to be humiliated in front of Helen and the other bridesmaids," Paul said. "So we came up with the food poisoning from being at a shitty restaurant."


    So, this means that we (kinda) have Matt Damon to thank/blame for this?

    Annie sweating due to food poisoning

    And this???

    A bridesmaid bent over the toilet vomiting

    Fucking Matt Damon!!!

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