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Bradley Cooper Finally Talked About All The Lady Gaga Romance Rumors From Their 2019 Oscars Performance

"It would have been so weird if we were both on stools facing the audience.”

Alright, so remember when Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga performed "Shallow" from A Star Is Born at the 2019 Oscars and people lost their flippin' minds?

Lady Gaga and Bradley sitting next to each other at the piano as they perform

Well, almost three years later, Bradley himself just addressed all the romance rumors that were floating around about him and Gaga at the time — and said it was all an act.

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Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, Bradley said that the decision to act as the characters helped him with his stage fright with singing live. “Just from a personal standpoint, it reduces the anxiety level,” he explained.

Gaga and Bradley smile at the audience after they finish their performance

“They kind of fall in love in that scene in the film. It’s that explosive moment that happens to happen to them on a stage in front of thousands of people," he continued. "It would have been so weird if we were both on stools facing the audience.”

He also said of Gaga, “She’s just so terribly charismatic and beautiful. When I met her, I thought, ‘If I can just harness that…then it’s just for me to mess up.’ But then, when we started working together, I realized, ‘Oh, oh, the sky’s the limit in terms of what she’s able to do and her commitment level.’”

Gaga singing in a scene from the film as Bradley's character plays the guitar and watches her

Bradley's comment about their chemistry tracks with what Gaga has said in the past. "Yes, people saw love, and guess what? That's what we wanted you to see. This, 'Shallow,' is a love song. The movie, A Star Is Born, is a love story. We worked so hard, we worked all week on that performance," she said back in 2019.

Actors, acting? Color me stunned.