Blake Lively Shared A "Gossip Girl" Throwback Photo And It's One Of The Most '07 Things I've Ever Seen

    "Class of '07."

    So I know there are plenty of millennials who probably think that 2007 was, like, just last year. Well, I hate to break it to you — but it was actually 13 years ago. THIRTEEN.

    One person who really just hammered that point home is Blake Lively, who posted an unbelievably nostalgic Gossip Girl throwback with the caption, "Class of '07."

    Now, there are a few things I'd like to dissect here. First, there's the general graininess of the photo — giving the photo that glorious '07 digital-camera-in-the-club aesthetic.

    Then there's the fact that Blake and Leighton Meester are holding hands, which, aww:

    There's Chace Crawford's Zac Efron bowl cut of the late '00s:

    ALL the neon plastic jewelry:

    And the headbands, which are already back in fashion because we are SO OLD:

    TL;DR: Time is fleeting.