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    Blake Lively Low-Key Took A Dig At The Ending Of "Gossip Girl" And I'm Cracking Up


    🚨 Warning! Huge Gossip Girl spoilers! Literally the ending! You have been warned! 🚨

    If you're a Gossip Girl fan, you're likely aware of all the discussion surrounding the big reveal that Dan was the titular girl of gossip.

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    More like Gossip Man...or GOSSIP DAN.

    After all, there are some moments in the show that arguably don't make a ton of sense in hindsight — like when Dan befriends Georgina as "Sarah," even though Gossip Girl knows who she really was.

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    Fun fact: Gossip Girl writer and executive producer Joshua Safran later said that Eric and Nate were considered before Dan.

    So it tracked that an Instagram account like @greyspacefashion would make a post about it.

    However, one of the people who shared it was none other than Blake Lively — Serena van der Woodsen herself.

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    Blake took to her Instagram story to add, "YOU'RE surprised...Imagine how the writers felt." Does this mean that Blake herself doesn't think the ending was exactly thought through?!

    Blake Lively / Via Instagram: @blakelively

    An icon.

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    Welp, here's hoping that the reboot makes a touch more sense!