People Are Finding Out That Big Bird Is Different Colors In Different Countries, And It's All Very Wholesome

    Those are some big birds.

    If you grew up watching American Sesame Street, this is probably what you think of when it comes to Big Bird:

    American Big Bird in front of his mailbox

    However, Twitter was recently abuzz with the revelation that Big Bird ain't so yellow in other countries:

    Well colour me shooketh at this revelation.

    Twitter: @neilscully

    And now Big Bird himself has confirmed: The rumors are true!!!

    I heard my friends on Twitter were asking about my cousins around the world! It’s true, I have a lot of bird cousins in different countries. Here’s a little bit about them:

    Twitter: @BigBird

    Side note: Anyone else find it low-key hilarious that Big Bird is verified on Twitter? Just me? Ahkay.

    Heck, there's apparently even a whole bit of Wikipedia dedicated to 'em:

    Family: Granny Bird (grandmother), eight foreign cousins

    There's his Mexican cousin:

    This is Abelardo, he’s from Mexico. We reunited in California last summer during my road trip!

    Twitter: @BigBird

    His Dutch cousin:

    This is Pino, he lives in The Netherlands. He’s a few years younger than me, but we’re the same height!

    Twitter: @BigBird

    His Turkish cousin:

    Meet cousin Minik Kuş! He’s from Turkey, but he's no turkey himself! He's a canary bird just like me.

    Twitter: @BigBird

    His Portuguese cousin:

    This is Poupas from Portugal. I haven’t seen him in a long time. If anyone sees him let him know Big Bird says hi!

    Twitter: @BigBird

    Disappointed he's not a Portu-geese...I'll see myself out.

    And his Brazilian cousin:

    This is Garibaldo from Brazil! He may look scary, but he’s one of the nicest birds I know!

    Twitter: @BigBird

    It's safe to say that people were pretty into it:

    the revelation of big bird's multinational cousins is sending me and this is now an Abelardo stan account

    Twitter: @thelindsayellis

    I would 100% watch a @Netflix show in which Big Bird travels the world to visit all his cousins.

    Twitter: @cmclymer

    I love that whoever’s running the official Big Bird account felt they had to acknowledge how terrifying the Brazilian Big Bird looks

    Twitter: @Paul_The_Cote

    Well, TIL!

    Thanks for learning about my family! It’s fun having cousins all around the world! 💛

    Twitter: @BigBird