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    It's Beyoncé's Birthday Today, And Taylor Swift Wished Her A Happy Birthday With A Heartfelt Video

    "To say I admire you — there's just not a word for it."

    Happy Bey day! Yes, today Beyoncé turns 40 years old.

    Beyoncé acknowledging the crowd as she accepts her Grammy

    To mark the occasion, Harper's Bazaar compiled a video of celebs wishing Beyoncé a happy birthday — including none other than Taylor Swift.

    "The fact that you have paved the road that every female artist is walking down now," Taylor said. "The fact that you've done so with such kindness and such grace."

    Taylor in a short floral dress on the Grammys red carpet

    "To say I admire you — there's just not a word for it," she added.

    Beyoncé and Taylor have publicly shown support for one another on multiple occasions — earlier this year, Bey sent Taylor flowers after she became the first female artist to win Album of the Year three times.

    Plus, back in 2015, Taylor said of Beyoncé, “I love her more than the normal amount. I try really hard not to like let [my fandom] get creepy. I just really channel it into a joyous admiration and appreciation.”

    Hope you have a lovely day, B!

    You can watch the full vid here.