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    Jay-Z And Beyoncé Dancing To The Super Bowl Halftime Show Is The Energy I Need This Year


    Happy Super Bowl! Although I sat in front of the TV for an eternity* tonight, I couldn't tell you what the final score of the game was — but what I could tell you is that some of the star-studded attendees included none other than the Carter family.

    Jay and Bey dressed to the nines and posing for a photo

    Yup, before the show, Jay-Z and Blue Ivy were hanging out. Perhaps unsurprising, given that Jay-Z's Roc Nation produced the halftime show, but a delight nonetheless!

    Jay and Blue wearing face masks and fitted caps as they stand on the sideline

    He even took a photo of Blue Ivy...

    Nay, multiple photos...

    ...which she seemed to approve of.

    Blue giving her dad the thumbs up

    But that's not all! Bey herself appeared to also be in the crowd, and the two were vibing to the halftime show!

    NBC / Via Twitter: @bey_access

    WHAT TALENT! It also looked like Kelly Rowland joined the group:

    Beyoncé & Kelly Rowland at the 2022 #SuperBowl

    NBC / Via Twitter: @rumiyoncee

    Oh, to be a fly on the wall in the famous person section:

    Meu Deus a Patrizia sentada do lado da Beyoncé! #SuperBowl

    NBC / Via Twitter: @updatechartuc

    I love sports.