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    Bella Hadid Shared Some Candid Pics Of Her Life With A Chronic Autoimmune Disease

    "Always finding time for my IVs."

    Bella Hadid just gave us a glimpse into her life with a chronic illness.

    Bella rocking a suit and gold chains

    Bella was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2012. Both her mother, Yolanda, and brother, Anwar, have also been diagnosed with the bacterial disease.

    Closeup of an IV

    Alongside a series of IG pictures of Bella getting her hair done while having an IV in her arm, she wrote, "Living with a few chronic autoimmune disease = always finding time for my IVs."

    And, on her story, Bella also shared an image of bandages on her arms, writing, "After 10 years of needles, my tiny veins usually give out once before we get a good one."

    This isn't the first time Bella has gotten candid about Lyme disease on IG. She previously shared a picture of some common symptoms, including headaches, joint pain, and nausea — many of which she experiences every day.

    Also, back in 2016, Bella spoke at the Global Lyme Alliance New York Gala, where she explained how Lyme disease led to her being homeschooled and giving up on her "dream of [her] life" to be a professional horseback rider.

    Thanks for continuing to raise awareness, Bella!