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Beanie Feldstein Just Got Engaged To Her Long-Term Girlfriend Bonnie Chance Roberts

"You make me happier than I knew was possible."

Beanie Feldstein and Bonnie Chance Roberts just got engaged!

Beanie and Bonnie smiling with their arms around each other

For context, the couple first met on the set of the movie How to Build a Girl — which Beanie starred in and Bonnie produced — back in mid-2018.

Beanie and Bonnie laughing together on the red carpet

By late 2018 the couple were already very much in love, with Beanie posting on her Insta at the time, "I took this photo of Bonnie the night I knew I was in love with her. She made fun of my bowling skills and then belted karaoke loud enough for all of London to hear her."

Fast-forward to now, and Beanie shared a pic of Bonnie popping the question — alongside the caption, "I do, Bon."

She also shared a number of pics of the couple celebrating with friends and family — including Beanie's older brother, Jonah Hill.

A group of people with their arms around each other, smiling

As well as Beanie’s Booksmart co-stars, Kaitlyn Dever and Molly Gordon.

Bonnie with her arms around Beanie as a group of people smiling and look at them

"Bonnie, you make me happier than I knew was possible," Beanie added on her Instagram story. "I love you."

Beanie's Instagram story with the image of Bonnie proposing

Congrats to the happy couple!

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