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Armie Hammer Is Allegedly Being Financially Supported By Robert Downey Jr.

This comes after the disgraced actor was accused of being "totally broke."

Yesterday, it was reported that Armie Hammer is allegedly receiving financial support from Robert Downey Jr.

If you're not up to date with what's going on in Hammer's life, here's a short summary: At the beginning of 2021, a number of disturbing allegations — including abuse and rape — were made against Hammer by several women. In the aftermath, he was dropped by his talent agency and withdrew from costarring in an upcoming movie with Jennifer Lopez.

According to a source talking to Vanity Fair, Downey paid for Hammer to spend six months in a Florida rehab last year. If we go by reports that emerged at the time, this would have been a few months after the allegations against Hammer surfaced.

Earlier this week, news hit that Hammer is "broke" and allegedly working as a timeshare salesperson in the Cayman Islands — where his ex-wife and children are based. Following the headlines, the source said that Hammer and his family have gone to a home in LA owned by Downey.

The source added that while Hammer isn't currently planning on staying in LA, a return to acting isn't out of the question — and pointed to Downey's own "Hollywood redemption story" as an example. Indeed, the article notes that Downey's own career was greatly aided by Mel Gibson — who has also faced allegations of abuse.

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As well as providing a temporary home, Downey is reportedly giving Hammer financial assistance until he "gets back on his feet."

We'll keep you posted if Downey decides to comment on the reports.

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