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Anya Taylor-Joy's Non-Traditional Wedding Dress Truly Has To Be Seen

Dior, drop the behind-the-scenes dress pics u cowards!

Anya Taylor-Joy had her wedding ceremony this weekend, and her dress was an utter delight.

closeup of anya

Anya, 27, and musician Malcolm McRae, 29, have been together since they met at The Queen's Gambit premiere in 2021. Page Six reported that the two legally tied the knot last year, but either way, their ceremony took place this weekend at the Palazzo Pisani Moretta in Venice, Italy.

closeup of the two at a party

For the nuptials, Anya wore a custom Dior dress in more of a beige or blush color than the oft-chosen white.

anya looking out from a balcony

On the bodice, there's what appears to be a hummingbird and a thistle. There's also, as Page Six notes, the symbol for Aries (Anya's star sign) embroidered, so there are plenty of details in the gown that have yet to be revealed.

closeup of her in the dress

The wedding was appropriately star-studded, with guests like Cara Delevingne, Nicholas Hoult, and Julia Garner in attendance. It also appears that the evening portion of the reception involved a black and white-themed masquerade ball, if the Instagram of Miles Teller's wife Keleigh is anything to go by.

anya and cara together at an event

Congrats to the happy couple!

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