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    Amelia Hamlin Called Scott Disick Her "Dream Man," And People Had Many, Many Thoughts

    18 is a lot of years.

    Scott Disick and Amelia Hamlin's relationship is proving controversial again.

    If you need a quick refresher, Scott, 37, went Instagram official with Amelia, 19, on Valentine's Day.

    This week, Amelia posted an IG story where she called Scott her "dream man."

    Now, the relationship has been filled with controversy since the start (primarily over the age difference between the two)...

    It’s so sketchy that Scott Disick is dating a 19 year old like something about it just doesn’t sit right with me!! What does a man who’s nearly 40 want with a teenager??

    Twitter: @_RebekahJade

    Scott Disick consistently dating women younger than 20 is SICKENING

    Twitter: @shaheenc25

    ...And this "dream man" comment didn't sit right with everyone.

    One person said, "if her is her 'dream man' she needs to do some serious inner reflection"

    What's more, Amelia's story came amidst reports that Scott didn't even follow her on Instagram (although he does now).

    Amelia leans over Scott as he lays on a lounger at the beach

    Well, it looks like Amelia saw at least some of these comments — because she replied to an Instagram post and said, "Everyone can calm down."