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"Pitch Perfect" Star Adam Devine Roasting Adam Levine For His Alleged Sexts Is Not What I Had In Mind For Today

"I am not Adam Levine. He’s a different guy and a worse singer."

This is Adam Devine. You may recognize him as the fella off of Pitch Perfect and Workaholics. He got married to Pretty Little Liars' Chloe Bridges last year. Lovely stuff.

This, on the other hand, is Adam Levine. Mr. Levine is currently in the midst of an ALLEGED cheating scandal where he ALLEGEDLY asked to name his third child the name of the woman he had an ALLEGED year-long affair with, Sumner. Oh my.

closeup of Levine

Given that their names are typo-level close, Adam #1 took to Instagram to confirm that he is, in fact, not the frontman of Maroon 5.

Devine at an event

"Just want to post this and say that my wife Chloe Bridges and I are doing great and going strong," he began.

"I am not Adam Levine. He’s a different guy and a worse singer."

Levine on stage

"We are, however, naming our future baby Sumner," he added.

Devine and his wife Chloe

Of course, Mr. Devine was far from the only person to dunk on Mr. Levine this week:

Adam Levine drama is boring, but finding out he sexts like he's 17 and hasn't ever fucked is funny

Twitter: @GalaxyPeaBrain

Adam Levine’s sexual DMs are the Maroon 5 of sexual DMs, if that makes sense

Twitter: @Bernstein
Twitter: @gofinurself

Oh, what a time to be alive.