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    25 Celeb Reactions To The VP Debate Between Kamala Harris And Mike Pence

    "That fly is an American hero."

    So the one and only vice presidential debate was on Wednesday night. There were lies. Flies. Pink eyes. It was a lot.

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    If you missed the debate, you can watch it in full here.

    Of course, social media had something to say about it all. Here are just some of the best celeb reactions to the debate:

    1. Uzo Aduba:

    “I’m speaking. I’M speaking.” I hope every little girl heard that. #VPDebate

    2. Aubrey Plaza:

    Please let me moderate the next debate 🔪

    3. Megan Thee Stallion:

    Pence’s response to the question “did Breonna Taylor receive justice” was disgusting #VicePresidentialDebate

    4. Zach Braff:

    5. Kim Cattrall:

    I’m feeling @KamalaHarris pain being interrupted

    6. Gabrielle Union:

    7. Mindy Kaling:

    “You respect the American people when you tell them the truth.”

    8. Kumail Nanjiani:

    Every time Pence says “The American people” stab yourself in the eye.

    9. Mark Hamill:

    Does anyone have a lie-swatter? 🪰

    10. Josh Gad:

    Look, I don’t like Pence either but I don’t think it was necessary for Trump to hit him in the eye before the debate.

    11. Antoni Porowski:


    12. Kerry Washington:

    I am #prochoice. It’s my body. It’s my life. @VP You think Americans have a right to make informed decisions about their masks? I think Americans have a right to make a decision about our uteruses. #VPDebate

    13. Pink:

    Question to Pence: do you like the color blue? Answer: well, Let me first say that golf is a very healthy athletic excursion

    14. Ben Schwartz:

    That’s a great question Susan, let me start by not answering it then finish by definitely not answering it. #VPDebate

    15. Emmy Rossum:

    Pence had conjunctivitis, a fly on his head and couldn’t answer why our death toll is 2.5x higher than other countries. And I’m SURE no one is wondering right now if Pence was “likable” enough or not.

    16. Leslie Jones:

    Flys knows shit when they see it!! #VTMFO #VOTEVOTEVOTE

    17. Jane Lynch:

    Susan Page was not able to control this debate but isn’t it sad that a moderator has to control a debate? The job shouldn’t include demanding that a candidate follow the gosh dang rules.

    18. Stephen King:

    THE LORD OF THE FLIES, starring Mike Pence! Coming soon to a streaming platform near you.

    19. Mark Ruffalo:

    The Green New Deal will create 5million more job than will be lost. Fracking destroys clean water, it causes diseases and cancers in the communities where it happening and has released unprecedented amounts of radioactive material into our soil and water ways. #VPDebate2020

    20. Alyssa Milano:

    If we keep talking about the fly then we aren’t talking about Kamala’s brilliant debate performance. Don’t let the other side have the fly as a distraction. This debate was a disaster for Pence. Pence was Trump with a smile. Same person. Different delivery. #TrumpPenceFailure

    21. Chloe X Halle:

    justice was absolutely NOT served for Breonna Taylor. she deserves sooo much more! 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

    22. Julia Louis-Dreyfus:

    Well, I wish we had thought of this on @VeepHBO - who’s controlling the fly?

    23. Chance the Rapper:

    24. George Takei:

    Kamala Harris showed tonight that truth will always prevail above flies.

    25. Keke Palmer:

    I’m not saying he’s an alien but I never seen a bug sit so comfortably on anyone since Men In Black.