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Pamper Yourself With a 6 Step At-Home Facial

Facials are generally something most ladies consider a luxury. You may possibly treat yourself to the odd professional treatment at special occasions but pampering yourself is normally at the bottom of your busy to-do list. Your skin is a delicate barrier against the elements and is often neglected due to lack of time and money. Looking after our skin is an important step in looking healthy, feeling great and stalling the aging process a little longer.

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Facials provide the skin with a balanced treatment of massage, moisturisers, exfoliation and extractions that aid regeneration and clearing impurities from our pores. Facial pampering sessions like many beauty treatments can be recreated at home. Take a look at a perfect at-home solution to keeping your skin in tip-top condition with six simple steps.

Step one: Prepare your skin

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Before you decide to treat yourself to an at home facial, preparing your skin is an important step before and during facial treatments. Ensuring that any skin conditions, such as cold sores are fully healed before a facial prevents the virus spreading. You can find useful resources on the subject at Cold Sores Cured. It’s also really tempting to extract spots with your fingers but this can lead to scarring. As an alternative, use two cotton buds, which are gentler on your skin and avoid using cleansing strips as these can open pores causing more breakouts.

Step two: Cleanse your skin

Ok, so to begin your mini facial it is important to get rid of the day's impurities by cleansing your skin thoroughly, a brilliant facial cleanser such as Freshskin Clear Purifying Face Wash by Elemis provides a fresh purifying clean. It has soothing and balancing properties, which is perfect for all skin types. For the delicate eye area, be sure to gently remove any excess makeup with cotton wool.

Step three: Exfoliate

Exfoliating is perfect for concentrating on those stubborn, blemish prone areas such as nose and forehead. Using a facial scrub in a circular motion aids elimination of blackheads, uneven skin tone and supports cell regeneration for a fresh glowing complexion. Remember to stay clear of those harsh cleansing strips, however tempting and time saving them may be.

Step four: Steam

There are two easy ways to steam your face at home. Purchase a steamer especially designed for at-home facials or the very simple hot cloth method. For optimum benefit and to really open pores, use piping hot water, submerge your cloth and press to your face 2-3 times. Be careful not to burn yourself.

Step five: Apply a Facial Mask

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Facials masks are a perfect pick me up solution and provide essential nutrients and goodness for the skin. There are several varieties to choose from and each has diverse qualities dependent on skin type. To choose the right mask for you, here are some examples of what to look for when deciding the right product.

Exfoliating mask – This mask helps improve the appearance of wrinkles, acne, scarring and pigmentation. They are generally suitable for people with varying skin types so whether you have normal, oily, combination or sensitive, this mask will help bring life back to your skin.

Deep cleansing mask – To help improve the elasticity of your skin and rejuvenate dull looking skin, try a deep cleanser to bring back the glow.

Vitamin C mask – We all known vitamins are good for us and this is particularly true for our skin. Vitamin C boosts collagen production and reduces the appearance of sun damage. It can also accelerate the healing process.

Hydrating mask – This mask is great for people that have very dry skin. It helps prevent dry patches and increases collagen production for radiant skin.

Resurfacing masks – These masks are usually effective beta hydroxyl treatments that aid cell renewal and minimise large pores.

Facial masks can be used between facial treatments alongside your normal skincare routine as this can help intensity cell rejuvenation for vibrant looking skin.

Step six: Moisturising your Skin

Soothing and moisturising the skin after your at-home treatment provides essential hydration for the skin and helps protect against the elements and the signs of aging. It is best to choose two creams for day and night use as each provides vital ingredients to keep your skin looking bright and hydrated. The delicate eye area of your skin needs some special attention and as this is the first place to show the signs of aging, it can also be useful to use expert eye cream for tackling this zone.

Voilà, just complete this approximately once a month to help you achieve beautiful, glowing skin every day.

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