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11 Health and Beauty Hacks to Try Right Now

With busy schedules and hectic lifestyles, we’re always looking for easy ways to look after our bodies without spending a fortune on products and beauty treatments. So if you’re looking to skim a few minutes of your routine each day and save that hard earned cash, take a look at these health and beauty hacks to try right now!

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Make perfume last all day

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To make your perfume scent last longer, it’s all about where you spray it. Traditionally we spritz perfume on our wrists and neckline but there are some usual places that will make you smell lovely all day. It may seem odd but locations such as behind the ears, inside your elbows and behind your knees are the perfect diffusion zones to help your perfume stay put all day.

Apply Apple Cider Vinegar as Toner

For people that have particularly oily skin and are hesitant to use moisturiser, mix apple cider vinegar and water or green tea as a toner to balance the pH levels before applying moisturiser.

Wash Your Makeup Brushes with Face Cleanser

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Ok, so many of us are guilty of not washing our makeup brushes enough. The bacteria that build up on them could be the cause of breakouts and actually makes applying makeup more difficult. An easy fix is to rub a gentle facial cleanser through the bristles and then rinse.

Keep your feet happy

Our feet are sometimes the last on the list when it comes to skincare yet they are one of the most important places to take care of. Removal of dry skin and regular clipping of nails help prevent foot pain, and if you have particularly troublesome feet, resources such as Yellow Nails Cured can help you treat your feet at home.

Rinse Your Hair Before Swimming

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Regular swimmers will know that chlorine and salt water is not your hair’s best friend. To help stop the damage from chemical laden swimming pools, give your hair a rinse before you get into the pool. You hair will absorb the water helping to prevent the chemicals damaging your hair.

Dry Your Hair With a T-Shirt to Reduce Frizz

So we’ve been using towels to dry our hair for years but if you want to relieve the frizz from your hair why not try drying it with a cotton t-shirt? Towels draw the moisture from hair quickly, which causes frizz. Using a cotton t-shirt helps remove the excess water with a less frizzy finish.

Fill A Spray Bottle with Mousse for Easy Use

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Traditional hair mousse is a slightly outdated way of styling hair and that’s possibly due to how messy it is. You can still use this effect styling solution by taking the air out of it. How? Fill a spray bottle with the mousse, which when sprayed turns the product into a slightly liquid form giving the same styling properties as before with less mess.

Make Nail Polish Dry Faster

We all get bored of waiting for nail polish to dry and even those advertised as fast drying, we end up chipping after two minutes so what can help speed the process? Try filling a bowl with water and ice, after painting them, soak for a few minutes and the cold water will help set the polish, drying nails faster.

Get fuller lashes with baby powder

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To achieve luscious looking lashes, you don’t have to opt for the fake kind to give that extra boost. Get the same look by dabbing a cotton bud into baby powder and running across your lashes after applying mascara. Then apply a second coat - the powder will adhere to the mascara offering a fuller, natural look.

Treat a bruise with mouthwash

Sometimes you can’t help but walk into things so the next time you walk into a table edge or whack your funny bone, treat the fresh bruise straight away with regular mouthwash. Just dab onto the area with cotton wool and it’ll make the look and feel much better.

Prevent and soothe blisters

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Oh the things we do for fashion, yes and that sometimes includes wearing killer heels that leave our feet feeling a little sorry for themselves. Blisters however big or small cause pain and discomfort but to help avoid them altogether, apply some deodorant to hot and bothered feet to help cool them down and add a little moisture that prevents friction and rubbing in your shoes.

Remove makeup with coconut oil

Coconut oil has taken the beauty world but storm, you can use it for everything (well nearly everything!). Another of its many uses includes removing stubborn eye makeup. Just gentle wipe with a cloth over the eyelid and you have a natural, safe and effective way to stop panda eyes.

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