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    23 Reasons Why You Should Never Go To Northumberland

    Even though it inspired Game of Thrones and many Harry Potter scenes were filmed there, it sure is ugly.

    1. Northumberland is so boring.

    2. It's not calm or serene at all.

    3. There is no interesting architecture or any feats of engineering.

    4. There are obviously no interesting things to see there.

    5. It definitely won't make you feel like you're in Game of Thrones.

    6. Because it's not like George R.R. Martin was inspired by Hadrian's Wall in Northumberland.

    7. And all those castles are rubbish.

    8. They don't look like something from a fairytale in the slightest.

    9. Or like you're Harry Potter, because it's not like Alnwick Castle is where most of the Hogwarts scenes were filmed.

    10. And Northumberland looks just as awful in the snow.

    11. Like, not magical at all.

    12. And all those mountains?

    13. Clearly also rubbish.

    14. They're hardly worth climbing at all.

    15. And Lindisfarne, the castle on Holy Island, is really rather boring.

    16. All the villages are so ugly too.

    17. Not picturesque at all.

    18. And the Northumberland coast must surely be the least dramatic there is.

    19. Nothing beautiful and spectacular to see here.

    20. Nothing at all.

    21. You can't even go for a peaceful swim there.

    22. So you should definitely steer clear of Northumberland.

    23. You're better off staying indoors at home, really.