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    Posted on Sep 10, 2016

    19 Reasons To Follow Marina Diamandis On Instagram Immediately

    Mostly glitter and fruit.

    1. Obviously, for her gorgeous selfies.

    2. I mean, really now.

    3. But like with most insta accounts, you come for the selfies, stay for the memes.

    4. High quality memes.

    5. Some excellent shoe inspiration.

    6. Also, excellent T-shirt inspiration.

    7. Just general excellent style inspiration.

    8. And cute pictures of Marina reacting the way any sane person would react to seeing a picture of themselves on the underground.

    9. Lots of really good sleeves, too.

    10. Plus some nice shout outs to Avril.

    11. Very glamorous videos like these.

    12. Lots and lots of glitter, as you would expect.

    13. Plenty of froot....

    14. And veg.

    15. Plus some truly classy photos.

    16. Really inspirational diet goals.

    17. This moment when Marina got several thousand people to sing happy birthday to her bassist.

    18. And lastly, this humbling reminder that she is only human.

    19. Love u, mom.

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