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Literally Just 19 Very Large Cats

The bigger the cat the better, unless it’s too big, in which case it’s probably a lion.

1. This wise, wizardly boy:

2. This slightly confused commuter cat:

3. This very powerful looking grey kitty:

4. This cat, who likes to give hugs:

5. This very, very big boy:

6. The biggest boy, really:

7. Except for maybe this one:

8. This wonderful roll of fluff:

9. This gymnast:

10. This aristocratic-looking cat:

11. This entirely rotund feline:

12. And this big kitty, getting a gentle massage:

13. Look at this big loaf:

14. And this absolute giant:

15. Honestly, cats are the best when you need a lot of upper-body strength to lift them:

16. Or when they're literally spilling over the edges of the thing they're perched upon:

17. Like this incredible ball of fluff:

18. It's honestly just a puddle of cat:

19. Just a beautiful, fluffy puddle:

All of which, of course, brings us to this very important question:

Flo Perry / BuzzFeed
  1. So, which would you rather have?

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So, which would you rather have?
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    One massive cat, please.
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    Lots of regular-sized cats.

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