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Updated on Aug 5, 2020. Posted on Apr 29, 2017

Literally Just 19 Very Large Cats

The bigger the cat the better, unless it’s too big, in which case it’s probably a lion.

1. This wise, wizardly boy:

2. This slightly confused commuter cat:

3. This very powerful looking grey kitty:

4. This cat, who likes to give hugs:

5. This very, very big boy:

6. The biggest boy, really:

7. Except for maybe this one:

8. This wonderful roll of fluff:

9. This gymnast:

10. This aristocratic-looking cat:

11. This entirely rotund feline:

12. And this big kitty, getting a gentle massage:

13. Look at this big loaf:

14. And this absolute giant:

15. Honestly, cats are the best when you need a lot of upper-body strength to lift them:

16. Or when they're literally spilling over the edges of the thing they're perched upon:

17. Like this incredible ball of fluff:

18. It's honestly just a puddle of cat:

19. Just a beautiful, fluffy puddle:

All of which, of course, brings us to this very important question:

Flo Perry / BuzzFeed
  1. So, which would you rather have?

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So, which would you rather have?
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    One massive cat, please.
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    Lots of regular-sized cats.

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