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Literally Just 22 Nice Things That Will Make You Feel Better, I Promise

Just some last strains of goodness in this world that we can cling onto.

1. Floyd, the sleepy pig:

2. This needy pupper:

3. This poor crying baby:

4. This gentle bath-time floof:

5. These wise words from a father:

6. Uncle Derek:

7. This calming ethereal goddess:

8. This dancing cutie:

9. This shy girl:

10. This life-changing experience:

11. This artist:

12. This installation:

13. This lovely nanny:

If this doesn't make your day I don't know what will

14. This wonderful turnaround:

15. This wonderful new friendship:

16. These talented musicians:

17. This mother-son relationship:

18. This laundry-basket cutie:

19. This POWERFUL floof:

20. This good and loving chicken mum:

21. This super-excited pupper who's so glad you're here:

22. And lastly, this endless closet of pure joy: