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19 Times WikiHow Disturbed And Delighted Us All

The only place where you can learn how to be emo, goth, and punk all at once.

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1. WikiHow is a very strange part of the internet.

2. Frankly, it raises more questions than it answers.

3. For example – who is writing all these articles?

finally a useful wiki how!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. Is it really all done by many anonymous volunteers...

WikiHow on how to look like a zombie, LOL!! #BENTzombieball JOZI SATURDAY at Babylon the Bar (Illovo) ;-)


5. Or by a single mad genius, trolling the entirety of the internet?

De La Ghoul #SpookyBands @midnight

6. Why is this mad genius obsessed with pet rocks?

7. And being emo?


10. And why are they obsessed with convincing all the kids at school that you have secret supernatural powers?


13. Very specific guides.

14. These articles make us question ourselves: Is there something wrong with us for not wanting to convince others that we are secretly mythical beings?

15. And who is making all the illustrations – nay – works of art that go along with the articles?

16. And when will they be exhibiting their masterpieces at the Tate?


17. Truly exceptional work.

Probably the greatest wiki-how illustration ever.

18. We should be thankful to WikiHow, for dealing with the important existential dilemmas of our time.

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19. Never change, WikiHow.