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    22 Reasons Why Gina Linetti Is The Hero We All Need

    "Do you know how many basic bitches would kill to have the same personality as me?"

    1. She's poetic.

    2. She knows the importance of manners.

    Jake: I gotta go.

    Gina: Aren't you forgetting something?

    Jake: Uh...

    Jakes: *kisses Gina on the forehead*

    Gina: No! Pay your bill!

    Gina: Damn, who raised you?

    3. She's not afraid to make an entrance.

    4. She's smarter than any of us will ever know.

    5. She knows how to make an excellent first impression:

    6. She isn't afraid to be demanding.

    7. She knows that without her whole precinct would fall apart:

    8. She isn't afraid to offer her opinion.

    9. And to make bold fashion choices.

    10. She appreciates the internet.

    11. And knows exactly what she wants to be remembered for.

    12. She entrepreneurial.

    13. And great with technology.

    14. She always stays true to herself.

    15. She knows her strengths.

    16. And her own value.

    17. She's civilised.

    18. She's a self-made success.

    19. She'll always give her honest opinion.

    20. She's exquisite.

    21. She runs the precinct.

    22. And she always tells it like it is.