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    29 Very Specific And Actually Practical Tips For Shopping For Vintage Clothes

    Like Girl Boss but without your own Netflix show.

    Hello, I'm Natalya and I'm a vintage fiend.

    1. Know your measurements.

    2. Compare measurements to your existing clothes.

    3. Ask for pictures of the measuring tape on the clothes themselves when shopping online.

    4. Don’t discriminate where you shop.

    5. Always check out the vintage stores when you’re abroad.

    6. Don’t be afraid to haggle.

    7. Always play the waiting game.

    8. Ask vintage stores when they get their new stock in and check on those days.

    9. A highly curated vintage store will charge a premium.

    10. Try to avoid vintage concessions in high street stores and go to independent stores instead.

    11. Kilo-sales aren’t always as much of a bargain as they seem to be.

    12. Check the composition of garments.

    13. Get to know what every fabric feels like.

    14. Learn how to wash every kind of fabric.

    15. If you’re particularly dedicated, learn what fabrics are called in different languages.

    16. Don’t forget that clothes can be altered.

    17. Don’t over-estimate your tailor, either.

    18. Learn to sew yourself.

    19. Learn what it means for something to "fit well".

    20. Brick and mortar stores probably won't have a huge range of sizes, so your best bet will be shopping online.

    21. Know when to walk away.

    22. Know the value of things.

    23. Get to know vintage brands.

    24. Don’t be dismayed when the cool vintage thing you bought online isn’t quite right.

    25. Don’t go vintage shopping with people who don’t like shopping.

    26. Go to charity shops in more affluent areas.

    27. Don’t always look for vintage clothing in the “vintage clothing” section of eBay.

    28. Know what suits you.

    29. Accept that this is something that takes a lot of time.