17 Very Specific Things That Americans Actually Don't Mind About The British

    Yes, we are fishing for compliments.

    We recently asked American members of the BuzzFeed Community to share their favourite things about the UK. Here are some of their responses!

    1. Our comedies

    2. The NHS

    3. Our nans

    4. Our attitude

    Are u even at work if u and your work pals don't say 'i can't be arsed' every single time you walk past each over

    "The thing I like most about British people is the attitude. I love that they just can't be arsed. I love the polite indifference they have all seem to have perfected. I love their self-deprecating sarcasm. And I love knowing that if a British person reads this they will probably roll their eyes."


    5. The fact that football here is not a misnomer

    6. Our love of walking

    7. Panel shows

    8. Tax being included in the price

    9. The fact that we get paid time off

    10. Our chocolate

    11. Our desserts

    12. Our liberal use of swear words

    13. Our authors

    14. Our take on Easter celebrations

    15. Our vegetarian options

    16. Our toilet stalls

    Now back in UK. Glad the toilet stalls actually have some privacy here! Most unexpected 'missed thing' ever!

    "Public restroom stalls in England are actually private. They don't have huge gaps like ours do."


    17. And of course, our accents

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