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    23 Tumblr Posts About School That Will Make You Laugh Then Cry

    Probably a bit too real.

    1. This important existential question.

    2. This accurate summary of this feeling.

    3. And this feeling, too.

    4. This normal reaction.

    5. And this reasonable response.

    6. This bizarre phenomenon.

    7. This acceptable behaviour.

    8. This lie that we've been told too many times.

    9. And this lie we tell ourselves.

    10. This beautiful, pure feeling.

    11. This natural transition.

    12. This universal experience.

    13. This missing part of the curriculum.

    14. This self-inflicted disaster waiting to happen.

    15. This formative memory.

    16. This perfect visual representation.

    17. This succinct list of school supplies.

    18. These generational differences.

    19. This surprisingly relatable summary.

    20. This universal truth.

    21. This dangerous game.

    22. You definitely knew someone that did this.

    23. This wonderful thing to tell yourself.

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