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    16 Valentine's Day Gifts For People Who Aren't Into Valentine's Day

    No flowers and heart-shaped chocolate boxes here.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. Treat your S.O. to a membership to an independent cinema and make movie date nights a regular thing.

    2. Instead of flowers, why not buy your love a subscription to a monthly plant box?

    Plants are for life not just Valentine's day... or at least for as long as you're able to keep them alive, which is hopefully longer than a single day.

    Get a three month subscription to Sprout for £45.

    3. Instead of getting chocolates, buy some cute cooking classes you can go to together.

    4. You can get some fancy cookware that your foodie S.O./best friend/whoever you're buying for would probably never treat themselves to.

    Like these cute measuring cups that will be used every day.

    Get them from Anthropologie for £26.

    5. If you feel like splashing out, get this Instant camera to make ~instant memories~:

    6. Instead of being like Romeo and Juliet, which we all know doesn't end too well, why not just pay homage to them instead?

    Get the Romeo and Juliet t-shirt from Homage Tees for £29.95.

    7. If your partner isn't into sexy lingerie, get them some soft and cosy pyjamas instead.

    Like these cute and comfy peach pattern pyjamas that will be worn every night and not just on special occasions.

    Get them from Asos for £26.

    8. Treat them to this cocktail making set, which is a little more hands-on than just a bottle of wine.

    And hopefully it won't be the only thing that will have ~hands on it~ that night!!

    Get it from Amazon for £12.99.

    9. If you live together, buy something nice for your shared home so you can both enjoy it, like this cute tapestry.

    10. Or like this cosy blanket you can cuddle up in.

    11. If you want something much ~sexier~, get them a Lovehoney gift card so your partner can choose what they want.

    12. If your S.O. is really not into the romance of it all, get something completely unromantic but very practical: a portable phone charger.

    They'll thank you eventually.

    Get it on Amazon for £21.99.

    13. And if your relationship is solid enough, take it one step further and get an external hardrive.

    Look, I know you're rolling your eyes, and the recipient of this gift probably will too, but they'll thank you when their computer dies in the middle of a very important project but they've got all their files backed up thanks to you. And that's what love is all about.

    Get it on Amazon for £47.99.

    14. If your partner really doesn't want anything, but you still want to give them a gift, why not set up a charitable donation in their name instead?

    15. And if you still insist on getting classic Valentine's day-themed gifts, may I suggest this teddy bear?

    Like a regular teddy bear, but 1000x funnier.

    Unfortunately it's currently only available in the USA, so you lucky Americans can get it from Amazon from $8.00.

    16. Of course, you can always just get a big ol' bottle of lube.

    The most appropriate yet practical Valentine's day gift of them all.

    Get it on Amazon for £5.48.