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19 Tumblr Posts That Will Definitely Destroy Capitalism

"Mars is called the red planet because during the Cold War it sided with the communists."

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1. This common classroom conversation.

2. This beautiful revelation.

3. This sobering fact.

4. Also, this shocking fact.

5. This simple solution.

6. This excellent customer service.

7. This accurate description of sex.

8. This common theme-park thought.

9. This problem that every school child experiences.

10. This blatant contempt for the proletariat.

11. This libertarian concern.

12. This effective job interview technique.

13. This relatable thought process.

14. This indie review.

15. This awful realisation.

16. This honest truth.

17. This example of late capitalist production.

18. This accurate guide of online abbreviations.

19. This excellent summary of Marx's theory.