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    21 Tumblr Posts About Animals That Are Really Funny, I Promise

    "I don't care about horsepower, I want to know the conversion rates for other animals. How many snakes would it take to move your car?"

    1. This fair request for more units of power:

    2. This mystery:

    3. This horrific realisation:

    4. These weirdos that we all tolerate for some reason:


    6. This lesson in doggo anatomy:

    7. This reasonable demand:

    8. This epiphany:

    9. This other equal epiphany:

    10. This bird logic:

    11. This respectful attitude:

    12. This underappreciation of our own anatomy:

    13. This dog logic:

    14. This deep injustice:

    15. This other deep injustice:

    16. This terrible misnomer:

    17. This logic:

    18. This dinner date:

    19. This fight of the century:

    20. This excellent thing birds do:

    21. This noble cause:

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