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    19 Tumblr Posts That Are Way Too Real If You Cry Easily

    *Holds back tears.*

    1. You know exactly how this feels:

    2. You're probably a lot fightier than you ought to be:

    3. Like, you definitely will not win any of the fights you start:

    4. The littlest things can upset you:

    5. You know when the tears will come well ahead of time:

    6. You've gotten very good at disguising your emotional reactions:

    7. This is just your natural state:

    8. You've tried many different ways of getting your emotions under control:

    9. You've even tried some preventive measures:

    10. And come up with some great excuses:

    11. But it rarely works:

    12. And there's very little you can do about it:

    13. It's honestly mostly just inconvenient:

    14. Sometimes even you don't understand how your feelings work:

    15. But you appreciate those who stand by you:

    16. And at least your bad moods are just as easy to fix:

    17. Plus, they can be a source for great puns:

    18. And at least you're in great company:

    19. Really great company:

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