19 Tumblr Posts All University Students Will Relate To

    Get rich or die trying to graduate from university.

    1. This slightly ill-timed realisation:

    2. This slightly misguided attempt at self-care:

    3. This calling:

    4. This disappointing reality:

    5. This excellent strategy:

    6. This totally valid reason to not go to class:

    7. This far better use of your money:

    8. This perfect analogy:

    9. These two beautiful words:

    10. This professor who is either innocently oblivious, or the complete opposite:

    11. This sweet relief:

    12. This accurate representation:

    13. This ode to doing the bare minimum:

    14. This terrible problem:

    15. This cause for tears:

    16. This demonstration of willpower:

    17. This moment of pride:

    18. This perfect summary of communication between students and professors:

    19. And this solid life plan: