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22 Tumblr Posts About Sadness That Are Relatable Because Everyone Gets Sad

It's all part of the human condition.

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1. This excellent response to a dumb argument.

2. This interesting mixture of emotions.

3. This terrible pitfall.

4. This big mistake.

5. This excellent cure.

6. When you realise you're actually not that sad.

7. This foolproof strategy.

8. When the show must go on.

9. This summary of the millennial experience.

10. This supportive squad.

11. This other excellent cure for sadness.

12. This slight logical flaw.

13. This wonderful reminder.

14. This inevitable rush of sadness.

15. This truth.

16. This seemingly universal piece of advice.

17. This slightly more realistic cover.

18. This moment when your sadness has peaked.

19. This common routine.

20. This rational behaviour.

21. This wonderful realisation you can always look forward to.

22. This GIF you ought to save so you can look at it the next time you're sad.