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    18 Times Tumblr Was Way Too Real For People Who Hate People

    "Party at my house. Bring food then leave."

    1. You know what you'd rather be doing:

    2. There's always someone who exceeds your anti-socialness:

    3. You know exactly what you want:

    4. This is always really awkward:

    5. This is your dream romantic break:

    6. You know your priorities:

    7. And how to give a subtle reminder:

    8. This would be ideal as a slogan T-shirt:

    9. These were the headlines when you were born:

    10. Your bitterness can be bonding:

    11. You find joy in the little things:

    12. You're in this constant paradoxical state:

    13. It's always a mistake when you decide to change your ways momentarily:

    14. Sometimes you question your antisocial ways:

    15. You're not just a passive container:

    16. You only occasionally make exceptions:

    17. You know exactly what you want to do with your free time:

    18. And this is your ideal party:

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