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    21 Times Tumblr Gave Us Some Deeply Questionable Advice

    "Mark your territory by crying on things."

    1. This dating tip:

    2. This technique, probably used by animals in the wild:

    3. This great opening line that will definitely spark a new romance:

    4. This excellent idea:

    5. This fun new game to try:

    6. This twist on an old favourite:

    7. These immortal words:

    8. Yet another excellent dating tip:

    9. This novel solution:

    10. This great life advice:

    11. Why has no one else thought of this before?

    12. This great self-defence technique:

    13. This sex tip:

    14. This wonderful compromise:

    15. This studying technique:

    16. And this exam tip:

    17. This advice, for when you find yourself in some trouble:

    18. This really reasonable consideration:

    19. This weight-loss strategy:

    20. This sage suggestion:

    21. And of course, the ultimate advice:

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