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    19 Louis Theroux Screenshots That Perfectly Summarise Tinder

    He is all of us.

    1. When someone asks you for nudes:

    2. When you decide to actually just be straightforward with your intentions:

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    3. When you're not quite sure what to write in your bio:

    4. When you unintentionally become a therapist for one of your matches:

    5. When you decide to use it while you're abroad but realise you're just as unpopular there:

    6. When you get really, really good at swiping very quickly:

    7. When you realise you've been catfished:

    8. When you need an excuse to get out of a terrible date:

    9. When you've given up on trying to be witty with your opening lines:

    10. When you ask your one mutual friend about your new match:

    11. When you make your boundaries clear:

    12. When someone doesn't bother with niceties and just jumps right in:

    13. When your supportive and encouraging best friend takes some photos of you for your profile:

    14. When you've been out of the game for a while but decide it's time to get a little more adventurous:

    15. Basically every date you go on:

    16. When you've been on an awkward date but inexplicably agree to meet up again:


    17. When your Tinder date is disappointed in you and don't even bother hiding it:


    18. When you realise dating isn't as great as SATC made it out to be:

    19. When you just need a little validation:

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