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23 Signs You're Obsessed With Cat Collecting

This is the most important cat-themed app of our time.

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2. You quietly resent the cats that have visited you hundreds of times and have already left momentos.

Hit-Point Inc.

No one wants you here anymore, Breezy, and your single silver fish. Leave my Frisky Bitz alone.

3. Especially when you splash out on some sashimi and all you get is Spots.

me when ive just refill the sashimi and tubbs eats all of the food in neko atsume 😡

Or worse, Tubbs.


12. You are an enabler who tries to make everyone else in your life as addicted to this game as you are.

I made my best friend get neko atsume and that's all we talk about now

Family, friends, co-workers, strangers on the internet. Everyone.


13. And consequently you can't use social media without coming across a Neko Atsume reference anymore.

Because everyone just sends you Neko memes.


17. You have started calling cats on the street after their Neko names.

Brockley Sainsbury's is irl Neko Atsume

Black cats – Shadow. Ginger cats – Pumpkin.

18. You plan on taking your Neko Atsume obsession to the grave.

19. You have changed the names of your cats at least once. They have been stupid names.


23. Most of all, you love it when real cats act like nekos.