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22 Things Only Bilingual Kids Will Understand

"Oh wow, you speak another language? Say something in it!"

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17. Holidays, like Christmas, are a weird mixture of traditions at your house.

Finnish Christmas food was lush! It was a long day in the kitchen but the food is devoured…

But maybe you get to have two Christmases.

19. And occasionally function as their translator.

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20. Nothing is more infuriating than people talking down to someone that speaks English with an accent.

anytime i see ignorant Americans boldly misunderstand people who aren't native English speakers I think of my parents and go in a blind rage

21. You expect any long term partner of yours to learn at least a little bit of your first language, so they'll get along with your family.

USA Films

It's not true love if you're not willing to learn another alphabet for me.