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19 Things You Will Understand If You're The Opposite Of Chill

Not only will you sweat the small stuff, but the medium and the large stuff, too.

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12. You're constantly torn between reacting emotionally to something and reacting rationally.

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"No don't be angry at this person just because you've had a bad day and they're not being exceptionally sympathetic you know that is bratty" you say to yourself. "But I wannaaa" the bratty part of you replies.


13. You honestly wish you could have greater control of your physiological reactions.

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You will cry or go red or stammer if you're feeling even slightly overwhelmed, making your reaction seem even more intense than it actually is.


17. You're also probably really empathetic when others let their guard down and reveal their true, unchill natures.

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You will let your friends go on about their new crush that hasn't texted them back for exactly 46 minutes because you know how that feels.