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    19 Things You Know If You've Never Had A Gap Year

    The FOMO is real.

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    1. You never got a chance to take a gap year – maybe because you were just really keen to go to Uni or start working.


    2. Or maybe you did take a year out of education, but worked or did something else other than the classic gap year traveling.

    UCAS are constantly sending me amazing things to do for my gap year but the reality is that I have to work for the whole year😩

    3. Everyone seemed to do so much self-discovery during their respective gap years that you feel like you’ve missed out on some sort of deep self-knowledge.

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    Or at least whatever useful skills you'd inevitably pick up whilst traveling in far-flung places.

    4. So now you feel like you might have really lost out on something important, even if you also take the piss out of it.

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    5. You never got to take these beautiful pictures and humble-brag about them on all your social media platforms.

    6. Specifically this kind of picture.

    7. You've never even met an elephant!

    Remee Patel / BuzzFeed

    8. Or thrown up in a beautiful, scenic part of South Asia.

    Although you could probably give this one a miss tbh.

    9. Maybe you're missing out by never having bought and worn a pair of these trousers?


    Does everyone who goes on a gap year get ceremoniously presented with a pair of these?

    10. Plus it'll take you a whole lot longer to tick off all the places you've been to than it is for your friends who had a gap year.

    11. And they get the advantage of having made a bunch of friends all over the world to make couch-surfing in the future even easier.

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    It's not fair that people who have already travelled loads get to travel easier in the future??

    12. And now you wonder if you're a bit too old for it all now.

    Warner Bros.

    13. And if you could even handle all the alcohol.

    DreamWorks Pictures

    14. And the hostels.

    Hostel life. #EuropeanTweets #gross

    15. You feel that you've missed out on important Instagram-picture taking-skills, and now your feed has a distinct lack of candid-looking pictures in scenic places.

    Nataliaderiabina / Getty Images

    16. You've never had a fling with a hunky Australian who you had to heartbreakingly leave on a glorious beach when your visa ran out, his pecs flexing sadly.

    Ugljesa Stajic / Getty Images

    I've been led to believe that this is an integral part of the gap year experience.

    17. On the bright side though, at least now you can save up and go travelling at your own pace and stay in nicer places.

    18. And you’re old enough not to feel pressured into doing activities you know you won’t enjoy.


    Your gap year can just include reading nice books on beaches with no bungee jumping or hard drugs.

    19. So it's okay, you can go travelling at any time in your life, not just when you're 18.

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    After all, that's basically the plot of Eat, Pray, Love, isn't it?

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