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    17 Things Girls With Oily Skin Will Understand

    You have to wipe a load of grease off your phone screen after you take a call.

    1. You're well aware that you have oily skin, yet you're always surprised by how reflective your face is.

    2. Summer always turns you into an actual ball of grease.

    Ahh frizzy hair and oily skin. My classic summer look.

    3. And all makeup melts off your face.

    I'm gonna start putting my makeup on an inch above my actual eyes so that when the humidity melts it down my face it will look purposeful

    4. No matter how much powder you apply, your skin just seems to absorb it all.

    5. People ask you what highlighter you're using, and most of the time the response is "sweat and/or grease".

    Sweat or highlighter? 🤔 # Oilyskinproblems

    6. So you just skip highlighter, because your skin will naturally get that ~dewy~ look as the day progresses.

    Me at 10:01 am after putting on mattefying makeup at 10:00 am #oilyskinproblems

    7. No-makeup makeup is actually pointless because it becomes literally no makeup at all in a matter of hours.

    No point in wearing make up during the summer because I just sweat it all off

    8. Which means primer is your best friend. As are setting spray, powder, and regular touch-ups...

    9. However, just because you have oily skin, doesn't necessarily mean you have spotty or bad skin. At least not all of the time.

    10. For some reason, most skincare companies don't seem to be aware of this and insist on making all products for oily skin super harsh, as though they want you to literally shed your skin.

    11. Which somehow makes you oilier than you were!!

    12. It’s taken you a while to realise that oils and moisturisers are actually still good for your skin.

    13. You probably have to give your phone a thorough wipe-down before you can use the front camera.

    I hate when you get done with a phone call and look at your screen and see what disgusting oily skin you have

    14. You've definitely used toilet paper to blot your face before.

    You can't always have blotting paper on hand.

    15. Oily skin probably means you have an oily scalp too, so dry shampoo is your best friend.

    16. But it's not all bad, because things that make most people dry and flaky just make your skin normal and matte.

    17. And it's all worth it, because oily skin ages better than dry skin.