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19 Things Only Facemask Addicts Will Understand

Your evening plans mostly just consist of moisturising.

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4. Sometimes you evening plans consist of nothing more than skincare.

Skincare = selfcare.

6. Which means you probably have a facemask for every night of the week.

Or, you know, every night of the month.


8. And the different ~flavours~ of sheet masks makes you want to buy all of them at once.

my first @niasha_official order's here! yep, I'm obsessed with sheet masks 🙈❤️ #niasha #sheetmasks #korean #skincar…

11. And you've probably tried every at-home facemask recipe you can.

Most of the ingredients in your fridge are for putting on your face rather than actually eating.


18. And your obsession has also spread onto masking other parts of your body.

19. And you know that your skincare obsession will most likely not die down in the near future.

tbh!!!!!! i love skincare!!!!!💯💯💯💯💯💯


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