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    19 Things Only Facemask Addicts Will Understand

    Your evening plans mostly just consist of moisturising.

    1. 2016 has been a tough year for us all. But there's one thing that got you through it...

    ...smearing hyaluronic acid onto your face.

    2. For you, facemasks are more than just a treat: they're a necessity.

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    3. When you come home, you actually can't wait to take your makeup off.

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    Because it means you can do a facemask and feel pure again.

    4. Sometimes you evening plans consist of nothing more than skincare.

    Skincare = selfcare.

    5. And you definitely don't abide by the "use weekly" rule at the back of the packaging.


    I'll use this whenever I think is necessary, thank you very much.

    6. Which means you probably have a facemask for every night of the week.

    Or, you know, every night of the month.

    7. You've definitely stress-bought facemasks before.

    Twitter: @katenotbush

    Sometimes, only a sheet mask can bring you peace.

    8. And the different ~flavours~ of sheet masks makes you want to buy all of them at once.

    my first @niasha_official order's here! yep, I'm obsessed with sheet masks 🙈❤️ #niasha #sheetmasks #korean #skincar…

    9. However, the people you live with still occasionally get a fright if they see you in the dark with a sheet mask on.

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    10. You've definitely spent an extortionate amount of money on certain facemasks.

    11. And you've probably tried every at-home facemask recipe you can.

    12. You've gotten to the stage where you paint different parts of your face with different masks, depending on your ~needs~.

    13. You have a very long Cultbeauty wishlist.

    14. You sometimes wonder if you should've become a chemist, considering how well-versed in the ingredients you are now.

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    15. You actually look like a beast when you go to bed.

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    Well, less like a beast, just very shiny after you've applied all your serums and overnight masks.

    16. You've gotten your partner into your routine, too.

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    They just need to experience it to understand.

    17. The weirder the ingredients, the more like you are to try it.

    Wine, snail slime and gold flakes? Sounds perfect, I'll take it.

    18. And your obsession has also spread onto masking other parts of your body.

    19. And you know that your skincare obsession will most likely not die down in the near future.

    tbh!!!!!! i love skincare!!!!!💯💯💯💯💯💯