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21 Things Only People Dating A Freelancer Will Understand

You're both jealous and not jealous at all of their freedom.

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8. You have endless admiration for their self-control and discipline.

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"I have no idea how you do it," you helpfully say, watching them work late to finish a project while you spend the evening doing nothing but watching Netflix.


12. Your networking skills have greatly improved since knowing them.

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You need to be scrappy as fuck to make it on your own and you've learned there's no shame in taking any opportunity you see.


14. Even if sometimes they have clients from hell that have no concept of work hours.

When someone calls me while I'm asleep and wakes me up...

15. Planning holidays together is so much easier because you only have to take your own schedule into account.

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Even if sometimes they have no choice but to work whilst you're on holiday.

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